About Us

For more than 40 years Bruno Maloberti and his family farmed 90 acres (37 hectares) of rich agricultural land just outside of Mareeba. Bruno purchased the property in 1960 and for 20 years grew tobacco. However. the demise of the tobacco industry in the region meant many farmers had to adapt and grow alternative crops. Combining their Italian heritage and a can-do attitude, the Malobertis decided to explore traditional methods of coffee production and never looked back.
Bruno Maloberti
"North Queensland Gold Coffee is not about technology, it's about family values and the traditional way...." Bruno Maloberti
Thirty thousand coffee trees and numerous busy harvesting seasons later, the family were producing their famous NQ Gold roasted coffee beans for the Australian market. The farm was more than a business – it was a love affair with coffee, its traditions and the centuries of Italian heritage behind a good cup of caffe. The Maloberti family always welcomed visitors to the farm, where Bruno would conduct his wonderful farm tours.  Anyone who visited the farm will no doubt have fond memories of meeting Bruno and his unique insight into how coffee was grown and roasted. 
This is an opportunity for Skybury to carry on the name of Mareeba’s pioneering coffee growing family – to protect and celebrate the history of coffee production in the Mareeba area.” Candy MacLaughlin

That knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for the family’s coffee product has now be taken up by Skybury Coffee.  The Maloberti and NQ Gold Coffee name lives on in the NQ Gold Coffee brand in a partnership that sees both Mareeba families continue their successful operations. 

“Skybury upholds the same beliefs of family values, honesty and tradition that sits at the core of our business. I know our long standing, loyal customers will be as delighted as my father and I to know NQ Gold rests in the hands of our good friends and neighbours of more than three decades.”  Maria Maloberti
This is just another chapter in the long-standing relationship between the MacLaughlin and Maloberti families in Australia’s premier growing coffee area. Candy MacLaughlin, head roaster at Skybury Coffee now manages the day to day operations of NQ Gold coffee. For NQ Gold Coffee customers it’s business as usual – the family name of Maloberti and their roasting tradition continue, building on what they started back in 1980. An essential element of Maloberti family coffee production, their fourth-generation Italian coffee roaster, will become a show piece at the Skybury’s Café & Roastery. All NQ Gold Coffee will continue to be roasted in it.