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As part of our commitment to ensuring consistency and satisfaction for our customers we are implementing world recognised roast classifications. We want to be sure that we are offering the best coffee possible, and classify the coffee correctly so that you are able to explore other roast options.

What does this mean for our loyal NQ Gold Customers - nothing.  We simply want to capture the essence of NQ Gold and ensure we maintain the smooth well rounded coffee that you are all so passionate about.

The degree of a roast has always been subjective, so the Speciality Coffee Association of American has developed the following standard roasting classifications and we have marked where NQ Gold sits on this scale:
SCAA Classification
NQ Gold Equivalent
Very Light
NQ Gold Light Roast
Light NQ Gold Medium Roast
Moderately Light
Medium NQ Gold Espresso Roast
Moderately Dark
Very Dark

 What does this mean for you? An opportunity to explore with your taste buds. If you love what you have been ordering then no need to change a thing. If you would like a coffee with a bit more kick then we are happy to send some samples with your next order.

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