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I'd like to introduce you to the Maloberti family on the Atherton Tablelands. Bruno and family have a coffee plantation and have been featured in Australian Geographic, Gourmet Traveller and other publications, so I'm sure you'd like to meet them. You could visit them when you come to stay, and have the experience this visitor did. This is what she wrote.....


    Bruno is a coffee grower extraordinaire
    His brand "North Queensland Gold" has a production that is rare
    For Bruno Maloberti and his charming lass Maria
    Control their product tree to cup - no others interfere

    Arriving at the farmhouse, which is classically Italian
    You are greeted first by Bruno with a chicks battalion
    Plus a dozen sleek contented cats - good mousers, they all keep
    Plantation, house and roasting shed pest-free while Bruno sleeps.

    Their coffee trees are vigorous, the "cherries" shiny red
    All fertilizer pure organic from the poultry shed,
    No spray except for copper sulphate, guard against the rust,
    A clean & healthy coffee bean for Bruno is a "must"

    Bruno dries his coffee beans on plastic in the sun
    And the "Maloberti Shuffle" that he does looks lots of fun
    As he moves among the drying beans, to turn them all with care,
    The moisture content ends so low, no mould will creep in there.

    Bruno knows his coffee trees, he talks of them with pride
    And when he has explained their growth, will usher you inside
    His roasting shed, and give you to Maria, who details
    The husking, drying, roasting of the beans, bagging into pails.

    The atmosphere is homely, yet it's business-like as well,
    Maria knows the coffee game, and how to make it sell,
    She takes your order for a cuppa now your palate's keen
    And serves it with delicious, chocolate coated coffee bean.

    The flavour is exquisite, the aroma's heady stuff!
    You sniff and sip, sigh blissfully, one cup is not enough!
    Then sample small biscotti that Maria makes and sells
    Their taste and texture perfect, she's a first class cook as well!

    And little Mrs Maloberti plays an important part,
    Her English may be sketchy, but her heat-sealing is an art!
    The coffee, in it's special bags designed to exclude air
    She seals and stacks so skillfully with tender loving care.

    So if you're near Mareeba, head on out Dimbulah way
    For a welcome and a taste treat you've not had for many a day,
    If your palate craves a perfect coffee, here's the place to start -
    "North Queensland Gold" - a coffee you will take right to your heart!
2003North Queensland Gold Coffee Plantation
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